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HAPPY NEW YEAR!.. What's your resolution?

Research indicates that approximately one-half of Americans are overweight.  The combination of obesity and harsh, fad diets jeopardizes the health and well being of our population.  30% of the American population do not engage in any leisure time activity and only 25% are engaged in the recommended levels of physical activity (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2001).  Drop-out rates for those beginning an exercise program are alarming.  A number of studies reach 50% or more by the end of the first six months.

Fitness is a lifestyle, not something that you do for a few weeks before summer.  When you change your lifestyle to include fitness, you can change the way you live your life.  Exercise allows one to live a healthier, happier, and longer life.
We are in an age where there are an endless amount of infomercials in the media, promising new found methods to lose weight and feel great.  Millions of people are misled each year, spending plenty of money on false promises and ridiculous fitness gadgets.  A new "magic pill" is developed every day promising to shed pounds from your waistline.  There is no magic pill that will transform you into a well-conditioned athlete.  These fad workouts and diet supplements all target the greatest weakness of the human race, laziness.  Everyone wants to get in shape without sweat or sacrifice.  Society has reached an all time low.  The mentality of our world is to choose the path of least resistance.  Human beings dislike hard work.  The world of fitness does not involve miracles.  To achieve peak fitness, you will need dedication, intensity, and consistency (3 attributes not sold at the supplement store).
We all have a right and responsibility to learn and practice the scientific principles that pertain to physical fitness.  There is no reason to accept
anything but your personal best.  Why settle for looking good when you can look great?

How To Start TODAY!.. Goals 

So considering that you have decided to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle, you may now be wondering how to start.  Before you do start, you should decide why you are doing it and what you would like to accomplish.  This is an important step in setting goals. 

Effective goals must be SMART.  That is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. 
Specific - must tell what is to be accomplished.
Measurable - must be measurable so that there is no question of attainment (ie. body fat %, # pound lost)
Attainable - not too difficult or too easy.  Easy goals do not motivate and overly difficult ones may frustrate.
Relevant - pertinent to the particular interest, needs and abilities.
Time-bound - specific deadlines for completion.

It is also good to start with a primary, long term goal and then create "milestones" of achievement as well as weekly and sometimes daily goals that all contribute to the bigger goals above them.  If your primary goal is to lose weight and tone up, you may set a milestone of 10 pounds lost and reward yourself when that milestone is reached (ie. new shoes, night out, etc...)  Weekly goals might be something like 4 workout days this week, no chocolate, or other duration tasks that will help you with your focus.  Daily goals, help you to reach your weekly goals and therefore can be very similar at times.  More specific fitness goals can be detailed and achieved daily.  30 minutes on the elliptical machine, increasing my bench press weight by 10 lbs, drinking 8 glasses of water are good examples of daily goals that can contribute to the success of your weekly and long term goals. 

The bottom line in goal setting is to have a game plan and to break up that game plan into a series of plays.  Of course, you will get the best results by doing your very best on every play, but it is important to focus your determination on the present task and not fall into the "tomorrow trap".

It is also important to understand that you are choosing to make a "lifestyle" change.  If your goal was to lose 20 pounds and you reach that goal, CONGRATULATIONS!... but it shouldn't end there!  Reevaluate what you want to attain and set new goals.  Fitness is a journey, not a destination.  If you choose to make this lifestyle change, you can improve your health, happiness, and quality of life, but you must sustain the discipline and use the knowledge that was responsible for your success! 

Set achievable fitness goals... analyze your priorities... decide how important your goals are... determine what you are willing to do to achieve success... find a way to make it happen!  Don't put it off... Start TODAY!

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal" - Henry Ford


What's Your Excuse?

1)  No time to exercise.

If you do not have time to exercise, you had better make time for discomfort, fatigue, aches and pains... basically a miserable, unsatisfied lifestyle.  It is amazing how much more time people have than they realize.  By taking as little as 30 minutes, 4-5 days per week, you can improve the quality of your life.  If it is important to you, you can find a way to train!
2)  Too tired to exercise after work or school.
If you start exercising, you will typically find that you would not be so tired.  As fitness improves, energy levels will increase.  Most people never realize that their fatigue originates from inactivity.
3)  Too old to exercise.
Just another excuse.  80 year old men and women have "begun" exercise programs and drastically improved their quality of life.  Exercise affects the body, mind, and soul.
4)  Gym memberships are too expensive.
Your body is the perfect piece of equipment.  All you need is your arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest and stomach.  There are plenty of exercises that can be done with merely your body weight, or minimal exercise equipment.  Your main requirement is the desire to improve yourself and make a difference.
5)  Not looking to compete as an athlete.
Makes no difference if you are an athlete or not.  Exercise is not just limited to athletes.  As a human being you are entitled to enjoy the amazing potential contained within your body.


Exercise Spotlight

Cross-Leg Crunch


Obliques & Midsection (obliques & rectus abdominus)

Count:  2 count

Description:  Starting position lying flat on your back.  Cross one ankle over the other knee.  With your hand behind your head and your bottom foot off the ground, crunch up to your far knee with your opposite elbow and return to starting position.  Do a full set in this direction before switching to the other side.


Thanx for Reading!

Well... that's the first issue of "The Day After Yesterday" eNewsletter.  I hope you found it motivational, informative, or at least worth reading.  My intention is to distribute this on a monthly basis to raise health and fitness awareness and keep in touch with the fitness community. 

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Thank you for taking your time to read this inaugural issue... of course, that time would have been better spent working out, but I'll let you slide... this time!

Good Luck!

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