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Post Workout Nutrition

Post-exercise recovery is critical to get the most out of exercise and maximize your exercise for tomorrow. Many early morning exercisers may run off to work feeling energized, but become more fatigued as the day progresses. Similarly, after-work exercisers may feel great leaving the gym, but drive home feeling hungry, and as a result of ignoring the little hunger, overeat at the dinner table. Then they are puzzled why they can't lose weight despite exercising on a regular basis.

Food experts agree that the need for a recovery food or drink depends largely on the duration and intensity of the workout.  During lower-intensity or easier workouts, you don't need to worry too much about recovery and making sure that the muscles repair themselves.

It's important that if you're plain old hungry after a workout, it may be nice to have an apple to curb the hunger. It's not so crucial for fuel recovery, but for hunger, so you don't feel ravenous when you sit down for dinner.  This is especially important for people who are trying to lose weight. great site for facts and calorie counting!

In general, most people who exercise an hour or more need to replace lost nutrients.  People lose 30 grams to 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour of training or more, depending on the intensity of the workout.  The biggest mistake people can make is to wait too long to replace those nutrients.

The rate of replenishment of carbohydrates into the cell immediately following a workout is very rapid.  You have a 15- to 30-minute window after you exercise, then the rate slows for the next two hours, and slows even more for the next 24 hours. About two hours after you exercise it's time for a meal, unless you exercise at 8 p.m., then it's not recommended.

The American Dietetic Association recommends consuming approximately 2/3 of grams carbohydrates per pound of body weight for endurance athletes within 30 minutes after exercise and again every 2 hours for up to 6 hours after the workout.

People focusing on strength-training require a greater amount of protein, 15 to 20 grams, and less carbohydrates for proper recovery, the experts say.  High-quality protein from such sources as dairy, chicken, fish, whey or soy protein are most recommended with 0.68 grams to 0.91 grams per pound of body weight suggested by accepted sports nutrition guidelines.

Recovery Foods
In many instances plain old food is as good for recovery as engineered sports nutrition products. People working at a moderate intensity may recover well with a light snack, some crackers or a piece of fruit after exercise. People who exercise at higher-intensity levels may consume a half a bagel topped with peanut butter, a banana, or other carbohydrate-rich breakfast foods to recover. For clients preferring foods over liquids, a low-calorie yogurt with a piece of fruit or a cheese stick or a glass of milk works well too.  If you like downing the energy bars, the higher carbohydrate ones (bars) are generally lower in proteins, so you want to add a glass of low-fat milk.

Proper nutrition is essential to a healthy body.  Ensuring that you eat properly after working out will help you to get the maximum benefits from training while raising your energy levels and preparing you for the next workout!

Elite Bodyweight Exercise of the Month!

Bench Dips

Toned and cut triceps are typically admired and desired by men and women alike.  You don't hear many people say that they like when the back of their arm wiggles for another couple of seconds after they stop moving it!  The bench dip exercise above is a simple yet effective exercise to help tone up this target area.  There are several variations depending on your level of arm strength.  Beginners can start with their feet on the ground to lighten the resistance while more advanced people can add resistance by putting a medicine ball or weight plate on their lap.  Bench dips can be performed on chairs, benches, kitchen counter... wherever you can find a sturdy flat surface.  You should add this one to that "hotel room routine" that you do when you are traveling!

back of arms (triceps brachii)

Count:  2 count

Description:  Starting with your feet on a bench or chair, and your palms on another bench or chair, lower your butt down and press back to starting position.

The Gift of Fitness

So instead of a tie that they won't wear, or a blouse that they are going to exchange anyway... why not give them a truly unique and invaluable gift?  A gift of improved health and fitness is one that you can give to virtually everybody on your shopping list.  After all, who doesn't want to look better, feel better, and be healthier?  You may actually help them open a door to better health (both physically and mentally).  It's also a gift that genuinely shows how much you care about their well-being.

Here is a list of some of my personal favorites as well as some ideas that will fit into various budgets:

So if you're having trouble deciding... think about the gift of fitness.  If not for any other reason... then just for the health of it!

It's Go Time!

Wow, is it the end of the year already?  I guess this concludes the inaugural year of my eNewsletter!  I've had various input throughout the year for article content, editing, spell checking and various other services performed by family and friends.  I'd like to thank you all for your feedback and encourage you to keep it coming!  As "The Day After Yesterday" moves into year 2, it's always a challenge to figure out what type of article to put in the next issue.  Suggestions are appreciated and will help give me some direction and keep it fun!  After all... when it stops being fun, then it's not worth doing it anymore!

Thank you all for reading... Happy Holidays and Have a Healthy and Productive New Year!  Summer will be here again before we know it (hint hint).

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Good Luck!

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