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Make Your Resolutions Goals

So how did 2009 go for you?  Did you accomplish everything that you set out to do?  If so, you have every right to be proud of yourself, but now it's time to focus on 2010!  What do you need to change this year?  Some changes can be big, and some can be small.  Either way, it's important to start thinking about it and take action if you want to make a difference! 

First things first… let’s get a brand new set of goals for this year, even if they are based on last year’s goals.  Right off the top, I’m sure about 80% of you said “I want to lose weight and tone up”, right?  That’s admirable, but it’s not a real good goal.  As I mentioned before, goals should be SMART… which means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound.  Applying this guideline to our goals, a better way of stating part of everyone’s favorite goal would be “I would like to lose 25 pounds of fat by June 1st.  

  • Specific – Yes.  Lose fat weight.  It's also important to note that we are not just talking about "weight".  Fat weight also means inches from your waistline, hips, etc...  Losing actual body fat is more important than losing weight due to the health benefits.  If you drop body fat but don't lose any weight... this means you gained muscle and still have a lot to be proud of!

  • Measureable – Yes.  25 pounds.  A good goal, although keep in mind that other goals such as toning could skew your results due to muscle weighing more than fat.

  • Attainable -  Absolutely.  A safe weight loss amount is 1-2 pounds per week.

  • Realistic – With no major “eating holidays” between now and then, why not?

  • Time Bound – June 1st is 6 months away or roughly 21 weeks.

Once you are satisfied with your long term goals (macrocycles), you will want to break them into smaller time chunks such as 3-4 months (mesocycles), as well as weeks and days (microcycles).  These short term goals start to get more specific with the “how” goals as opposed to the long term “what” goals.  The bottom line in goal setting is to have a game plan and to break up that game plan into a series of plays.  While you will get the best results by doing your very best on every play, it is important to focus your determination on the present task and not fall into the "tomorrow trap".

Short term goals should be stated like “I will perform 30 minutes of cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise 3 times this week maintaining an average heart rate of 70% of my max.  Another one would be “I will perform a total body resistance workout (weight training, bands, bodyweight, etc..) 3 times this week.  Nutrition type goals should include portion control, reduction of empty calories (sweets, fats) and all around smart eating. 

Now write them down!  Tell your friends and significant others.  In addition to soliciting moral support in striving to reach and exceed your goals, you will most certainly inspire others to do the same!

Measure your progress... but not too much.  Personally, I believe you can weigh your self first thing in the morning maybe once a week and have your body composition (%fat / % lean) checked every 3-6 months.  A personal trainer is a good resource to assist you in body composition measurements, goal setting, and prescribing a comprehensive workout that will ensure progress towards your goals.  Due to frequent fluctuations, you don't want to get unnecessarily frustrated with little variations here and there. 

If you have BIG goals in mind... do yourself a favor and take a "before" picture!  Then put the picture away until you reach your goal.  Results are a powerful motivator and will give you a reason to keep going and never look back! 

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal" - Henry Ford

Partner Bodyweight Exercise of the Month!

Wizzer Push-Up

This year I decided to mix my exercise of the month up a bit and dedicate the entire year to partner bodyweight exercises.  These exercises are ones that will require a buddy to work with in order to provide resistance and/or form.  Keeping with my game plan over the last couple years, some of these exercises will be very challenging, while others are more geared towards the novice.  I decided to start the year off with a challenging exercise just to demonstrate that bodyweight training is no joke!  The name "wizzer" push-up originates from a wrestling position with the interlocking arms and is as challenging as a one-arm pushup.  Don't be surprised if you have to start with 1 rep or even with just a "negative" before you are able to do more. 


Target:  chest, shoulders, triceps (pectoralis major, deltoids, triceps brachii)

Count:  2 count

Description:  With your partner, start out in the up positions of a pushup, side by side, with your shoulders touching.  One person puts their near-arm over the other persons back while the other person brings their arm up, over and around the other persons arm.  That's the starting position.  Now coordinate with your partner and see how many times you can go down and (hopefully) back up again.

Product Review:  POWER WHEEL

The Power Wheel was designed to challenge the entire body to stabilize while moving. Because of its unique patented design, you can put your feet into the PW or your hands so you can perform unlimited core exercises. And because of the top level instructional booklet included, you will learn the best way to to get your core (abs, back and surrounding muscles) to its most powerful level ever!

If you search for power wheel on YouTube, you'll find several videos regarding a popular endurance challenge with the power wheel where people go the length of a football field (100 yds) for time (solo wheelbarrow walk).  I can't claim that I've tried that as of yet, but I have used mine for some excellent exercises like the hamstring curl and "wheel of pain" rollout as pictured above... as well as the jack knife, alligator walk and pike ups which are very challenging and excellent exercises.

At around $60, the power-wheel isn't cheap, but I do like the versatility and range of exercises that you are able to do with it.  You can target upper body, core, and lower body with the exercises that you are able to perform with this piece of equipment, and the exercises are quite challenging.  Yes... I do like my toys : )

All Calorie Burning is Not Created Equal

Although they are sometimes useful gauges to determine workout effort and progress, don't take the amount of calories burned that is displayed on exercise machines as an exact number.  There are a variety of factors that need to be considered when calculating calories burned and there can be pretty sizable fluctuations due to metabolism, body weight, and environmental conditions.  The table below is another calorie burning "estimate", but it will give you an idea of how much the numbers fluctuate just based upon body weight as well as the type of activity.

100 LBS. 120 LBS. 140 LBS. 160 LBS. 180 LBS. 200 LBS. 220 LBS. 240 LBS.
115 147 173 195 220 246 271 294
169 203 237 256 290 327 365 400
101 122 142 162 182 203 223 243
180 216 252 288 324 360 396 432
124 149 173 198 223 248 272 297
245 293 342 390 440 490 539 582
239 279 326 382 419 465 512 570
161 190 223 255 289 326 364 400
(12 MIN. MILE)
180 216 252 288 324 360 396 432
(10 MIN. MILE)
225 270 315 360 405 450 495 540
285 342 395 450 503 559 614 668
158 189 221 252 284 315 347 378
236 284 331 378 425 473 520 567
180 213 247 283 318 354 387 417
218 263 305 349 393 446 480 528
180 216 252 288 324 360 396 432
135 162 189 216 243 270 297 324
(SLOW - 2 MPH)
61 74 89 101 114 127 140 153
(SLOW - 3 MPH)
91 108 129 143 160 180 196 213
(SLOW - 4 MPH)
118 140 161 186 210 235 257 278
180 216 252 288 324 360 396 432
125 150 175 201 225 250 276 300
YOGA 86 105 121 139 156 174 192 209

So what is a "calorie"?  One definition of a calorie is "a unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure".  This is used by nutritionists to characterize the energy-producing potential in food as it is digested by the human body (aka. kilocalorie or large calorie)With 3,500 calories equating to roughly a pound of body fat, that’s roughly a 500 calorie per day deficit that you want to create in order to drop a pound a week.  That deficit can be easily created though a combination of diet and exercise changes (ie. 250 calories from nutrition changes and 250 calories burned through exercise). 

Work hard, but work smart also and be aware of roughly how much you're burning... and eating.  If you think that you earned that big, fatty, calorie popping dinner just because you did 30 minutes on the treadmill today... don't be so sure.  Do your homework and have a realistic picture of the benefits that you want to get and what it's going to take to get them!

An Alternate (and easy) Kettlebell Plan

It's Go Time!

Here's another cheap and easy kettlebell plan that I recently made.  This one is especially good for those two arm swings.  3 pieces of 3/4" pipe, a T fitting, a flange, and a couple of end caps and you're ready to pile on some of those standard plates that you've had laying around.  This is an excellent conditioning tool to add to your arsenal! 


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I don't recall if I figured that I'd still be publishing this eNewsletter when I started it in January of 2006... but I'm still having fun with it : )

So here's my standard New Year's spiel that you've heard before... no more excuses.  The holiday parties and related temptations should be fading.  Set your goals... make a game plan to achieve them... and go after it!  There are plenty of things to do tomorrow, or next week, blah blah blah... kick it off TODAY! 

Have an outstanding and productive 2010 everyone... Cheers to your health!

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Pete Mazzeo, CPT


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