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Motivation & Music

We always have the tunes cranking during our Warrior Workouts ever weekend... ya gotta do it.  However, I can't say that everyone always agrees on the choice of workout tunes or genre on a regular basis.  Different strokes for different folks!  It's easy enough when you're flying solo and can just pop in your ear buds and jam to your own mix... but a little bit more of a challenge when you have to fight it out between rock, country, rap, or whatever for the collective good.

Motivation is the key to keeping you primed to keep pushing heavy weight in the gym. And what better motivator is there than music?  Listening to music when you hit the gym to improve your workout isn't exactly a new concept. But understanding how your favorite tunes enhance your exercise is a little less obvious.

Research consistently finds that listening to music distracts athletes from their "bodily awareness" (read: pain). And a recent study found that not just listening, but controlling and creating music in time to one's pace had an even more profound effect on perceived effort during a workout.

Here are seven very good reasons to rock out during your next gym session.

1. Music is the good kind of distraction. 
While the study did suggest there's more to it than distraction, working out with music did make participants less aware of their exertion. Such a distraction can benefit athletic performance by up to 15 percent, The Guardian reported. The faster the better, according to WebMD: Upbeat tunes have more information for our brains to process, which takes your mind off of that side stitch.

2. It ups your effort.
A 2010 study found that cyclists actually worked harder when listening to faster music as compared to music at a slower tempo. But too fast is no good, either. Songs between 120 and 140 beats per minute (bpm) have the maximum effect on moderate exercisers.

3. Music puts you "in the zone".
Everyone has that go-to song that gets you "in the zone," and there's science to why it works. We associate certain songs with memories, often relating to the context in which we originally heard them, such as the first time you watched Rocky. Channeling that memory -- or even just the emotion of the singer -- boosts the motivational power of the song, and has been shown to improve physical performance.

4. A good beat can help you keep pace.
The rhythm of your workout music stimulates the motor area of the brain as to when to move, thereby aiding self-paced exercises such as running or weight-lifting. Clueing into these time signals helps us use our energy more efficiently, since keeping a steady pace is easier on our bodies than fluctuating throughout a sweat session.

5. Music can elevate your mood.
An August 2013 analysis found that people often listen to music as a way to change their mood and find self-awareness. Study participants said that listening to music allowed them to think about themselves, who they wanted to be and give them an escape from the present. No matter what happened an hour ago, you can use your tunes to help you escape negativity and power you through your workout -- and you know you'll feel great when it's over.

6. It makes you want to move.
You really can't stop the beat! Researchers found that when music possesses "high-groove" qualities, the brain gets excited and induces movement in the listener. Basically, your playlist has the ability to make you move -- no matter how much you're dreading that workout.

7. Listen to music already? Take it to the next level: Making music while you work has an important added benefit.

According to a study published earlier this month, the relationship between music and physical exertion may be more complicated than we initially thought. It isn't just listening to music that drowns out our pain and exhaustion, asserts lead researcher Tom Fritz. The process of creating and controlling music in time to one's exercise improves the experience even more.

Participants exercised on machines designed to alter the music they were listening to based on their movements, essentially allowing them to create their own soundtrack. Compared to exercisers who had no control over the music, those with "musical agency" reported feeling like they hadn't worked as hard.

We can't all work out on equipment that coordinates our movements with musical sounds, but we can harness the power of creating music when we exercise. The finding, said Fritz about his study may provide "a previously unacknowledged driving force for the development of music in humans: making music makes strenuous physical activities less exhausting."

ref:  Huffington Post

How long can I keep leftovers?

Category Food Refrigerator Freezer
(40 įF or below) (0 įF or below)
Salads Egg, chicken, ham, tuna & macaroni salads 3 to 5 days n/a
Hot dogs opened package 1 week 1 to 2 months
unopened package 2 weeks 1 to 2 months
Luncheon meat opened package or deli sliced 3 to 5 days 1 to 2 months
unopened package 2 weeks 1 to 2 months
Bacon & Sausage Bacon 7 days 1 month
Sausage, raw ó from chicken, turkey, pork, beef 1 to 2 days 1 to 2 months
Hamburger & Other Ground Meats Hamburger, ground beef, turkey, veal, pork, lamb, & mixtures of them 1 to 2 days 3 to 4 months
Fresh Beef, Veal, Lamb & Pork Steaks 3 to 5 days 6 to 12 months
Chops 3 to 5 days 4 to 6 months
Roasts 3 to 5 days 4 to 12 months
Fresh Poultry Chicken or turkey, whole 1 to 2 days 1 year
Chicken or turkey, pieces 1 to 2 days 9 months
Soups & Stews Vegetable or meat added 3 to 4 days 2 to 3 months
Leftovers Cooked meat or poultry 3 to 4 days 2 to 6 months
Chicken nuggets or patties 3 to 4 days 1 to 3 months
Pizza 3 to 4 days 1 to 2 months





Kettlebell Exercise of the Month!

Clean & Press


The kettlebell clean and press is a compound (multiple joints and muscles active) exercise that combines both push and pull forces throughout the entire movement.  This is basically a two part exercise.  The "clean" is the explosive movement off of the floor to the "rack" position in which the kettlebell is resting at the crook of your elbow (with a strong and straight wrist) and the the "press" movement where you lock the kettlebell out overhead, before returning it back to rack position, and then to the floor.


hip, knee shoulder (gluteals, quadriceps, deltoids, trapezius) 

Preparation:  Straddle kettlebell with feet slightly wider apart than shoulder width. Squat down with arm extended downward between legs and grasp kettlebell handle with overhand grip. Position shoulder over kettlebell with taut low back and trunk close to vertical.

Execution:  Pull kettlebell up off floor by extending hips and knees. Once kettlebell is off of ground vigorously raise shoulder above kettlebell while keeping it close to body. Jump upward extending body. Raise shoulder and pull kettlebell upward with arm allowing elbow to bend out to side, keeping kettlebell close to body. Drop under kettlebell, rotating arm under kettlebell. Catch kettlebell on outside of arm with wrist straight while moving into partial squat position. Extend both legs.  Press kettlebell upward until arm is extended overhead.

Return:  Lower the kettlebell to rack position. Return it to the floor by pulling elbow back. Imediately hop upward with elbow pointed outward continuing to hold on to kettlebell handle as it falls. Decelerate decent of kettlebell as heels make contact with ground and arm straightens. Lower kettlebell to ground between legs while squatting down with taut lower back and trunk close to vertical.

Recipes for Health

Cheesesteak Sandwich

The famous sandwich from Philly is a nutritionistís nightmare: mounds of greasy beef and fried onions; a massive, oil-soaked hoagie roll; and to top it all off, a viscous deluge of Cheez Whiz (thatís right, traditional cheesesteaks are made with Whiz). But we want you to have your steak and eat it, too, so we came up with this version, which relies on a lean flank steak, a whole-wheat roll, and a yogurt-based blue cheese sauce. Itís a bit fancier than the sandwich from the City of Brotherly Love, but to our tastes, itís also better.

Youíll Need:
2 Tbsp plain Greekstyle yogurt (we like Fage 2%)
2 Tbsp olive-oil mayonnaise
1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese
16 oz skirt or flank steak
Salt and black pepper to taste
2 cups arugula
2 tomatoes, sliced
4 whole-wheat sandwich rolls
Caramelized onions

How to Make It:

  • Combine the yogurt, mayonnaise, and blue cheese. Set aside.
  • Heat a grill, stovetop grill pan, or cast-iron skillet until hot. Season the steak with salt and pepper and cook for 3 to 4 minutes per side (for medium-rare), until the steak is firm but still gives with gentle pressure. Allow to rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing. Slice the steak into thin strips.
  • Divide the arugula and tomatoes among the rolls. Top with the steak and caramelized onions and drizzle each sandwich with the blue cheese mayo.

Makes 4 servings / Cost per serving: $5.00
400 calories 14 g fat (4 g saturated) 730 mg sodium

Not That! 
Quiznos Regular Prime Rib Cheesesteak Sub
Price: $5.99
1,070 calories 67 g fat (16.5 g saturated, 1.5 g trans) 1,835 mg sodium
Save 670 calories and $0.99!

ref. Cook This Not That,.

It's Go Time!

Somebody wake up Mother Nature and tell her that it's spring... not sure that she got that memo yet!  Cold weather is manageable and all, but when you pile on all the precipitation that we've had, it makes for a soggy yard.  I don't know about you, but around these parts that seriously puts a damper on our outdoor boot camps and tire flipping!  Well... personally, I'll be holding off on that for a little while as rehab on my knee continues, but it would still be nice to go play outside again!

Almost there... Can you feel the energy surging through your veins yet?  I'm already planning on getting my bicycle cleaned up to start some riding soon.  I'm hoping to be able to start that in another month.  The spring has a way of getting people motivated again... especially after the brutal pounding that we've taken this year! 

I know that I've said it every month lately, but I'll say it again... Commit now!  Get a friend... find a run or a bike ride... and register now!  Commitment is motivation in itself and will incent you to train for the race that you registered for!  Make plans... get outside... and Enjoy!

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Exceed Your Potential!

Pete Mazzeo, CPT


"People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don't know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to." - George E. Allen

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