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I want to "Eat Lightening and Crap Thunder"... Who's with me?  I've been indulging in these Old School, Primitive, Warrior Workouts for a few years now, and I have to say... They Rock!  When I'm done, I'm wiped... but I also feel great!  Nothing like some blood, sweat, and tears to get the heart pumping!



Tires, sandbags, sledgehammers, sleds, iron, and more... I got enough to keep us busy for a few hours.  While working with the U of D wrestlers, I've found that I can successfully handle a group of about a dozen, hard working, individuals while keeping a good tempo to ensure that everyone is performing at a high enough intensity!  Sure I can continue to do it solo, but I have much more fun when I have some partners to share in the pain : )




So here's the deal... I'm looking for about 12-15 people that are looking for a hardcore, total body and conditioning, challenge.  This is more of a club... but I'm not looking for any membership fees.  Let me know if you're interested so that I can start planning the sessions.


Saturday or Sunday mornings, usually 10am - 12pm


Age Group:  15 and up   


Location: TODAY! Fitness Home Studio, Rose Hill, Bear, Delaware




Workout Outline:  Circuit station format with 2-3 sets of supersetted exercises per station.  We like to focus on keeping things moving and limiting the rest time between sets.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to have a "chuck bucket" on hand if you're not quite up to warrior standards yet ; ) 



I'm Interested!

 Email pmazzeo@todayfitness.net for additional questions

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