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Wrestling Resources

Glossary of Wrestling Terminology - Not a bad list of wrestling terminology (Warren Applegate - Grappler's Gym)

Wrestling Move Library
Being involved with wrestling since grammar school, including coaching youth clubs, middle school, high school, and college.. I still have yet to come across a detailed reference for wrestling moves on the internet.  Since there has been much positive feedback regarding the animated exercises that I have on this site, my brothers and I (also wrestling coaches) decided to take the first step in building a reference page with descriptions in addition to animated pictures.  We are planning to expand this reference as time goes on, but your feedback is appreciated in regards to the effectiveness of this reference.  Email me with your comments!  (special thanks to The Club Wrestling School in Park Ridge, NJ for use of their facilities!)

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Wrestling eScorebook (Electronic wrestling scorebook in Excel.  Automatically calculates match score and team score.  Scorebook page populates from weigh-in sheet - feedback appreciated)



Sandbag Interval Complex

3rd Period Intensity Circuit! (total body and aerobic workout)



Functional Training for Wrestling video

Wrestling News & Resource Links

Flowrestling - Wrestling Videos, News, Results, Athletes, and Coaches.

Granby School of Wrestling - Great library of video technique.

Cael Sanderson Iowa State Wrestling Technique - video library from the wrestling legend.

Team Sanderson - Cael Sanderson Wrestling - Along with the finest in wrestling equipment, this site is a great informational resource. Coach Gable has also created an email newsletter that is free to all interested wrestling enthusiasts.

Grappler's Gym - Advanced training and conditioning for grapplers.

New Jersey Youth tournaments - This site hosts wrestling tournaments in PA, NJ, NY and DE.

Wrestling USA - Wrestling USA Magazine.  A great site to purchase, learn, or just catch up on the sport of wrestling.

Intermat Wrestling - Another site for all around news in wrestling. Youth through International competition.

Wrestling 411 USA - Wrestling news, profiles and rankings.

Wrestling ReportCollege and high school wrestling news.

Wrestling's Best - Great site for wrestling photos, pictures & graphics.

Inspirational Wrestling Video - Check this guy out!

Inspirational Wrestling Video 2 - Even more unbelievable!

Beast of the East Tournament - Delaware's Annual Fall Classic - Toughest wrestling tournament around!

The Death Crawl - This video is all about heart and giving all you got.  Tell me this doesn't get you pumped!

Freestyle & Greco highlights - Check out the throws in this video


Wrestling Clubs and Teams

Visit The Club Wrestling School Site




Visit The Tyrants Wrestling Club Site


 Wrestling Books and Resources


With more than 700 detailed photographs illustrating moves and countermoves, this book shows how to handle any opponent in virtually any situation. Winning Wrestling Moves provides high school and college wrestlers and their coaches with all the fundamentals and latest refinements in wrestling techniques. Never before have so many wrestling moves been described and illustrated in one volume. Three former All-Americans from the University of Iowa—Mark Mysnyk, Barry Davis, and Brooks Simpson—team up to share the techniques that made them champions. [more]

If you’ve got the basic moves down but want to take your wrestling to the next level, then your best move is to learn from the master himself—coaching and wrestling legend Dan Gable. On Gable’s Advanced Wrestling DVD he shows how to master even the most challenging wrestling techniques—the ones that make good wrestlers great, and great wrestlers champions.

Gable’s credentials speak for themselves. He is an unscored-on Olympic gold medalist and two-time NCAA champion; winner of 15 NCAA titles as coach at the University of Iowa (a mark unequaled in wrestling history); and coach of 152 All-Americans, 45 NCAA champions, and 3 Olympic teams. Now you get the chance to learn from the master coach himself. [more]

A wrestler’s ability to execute his moves quickly and instinctively is often the difference between winning and losing a match. Drills are the most effective practice activities to use to ingrain the instinctive actions and reactions essential for wrestling success.

The Wrestling Drill Book includes match-tested drills, carefully chosen by coaches who are experts in the specific techniques and tactics they cover. Each drill is described in detail with illustrations, modifications, and coaching points for maximum effectiveness. Beginning with essential movement drills and progressing to takedowns, escapes, reversals, rides, and pinning combinations, the book addresses each fundamental that wrestlers must hone in order to become champions. A customizable practice plan demonstrates how drills can be combined and sequenced for the ultimate wrestling workout. [more]

For instruction in the most vital wrestling moves and techniques, legendary coach and wrestler Dan Gable has put together the Dan Gable Wrestling Essentials DVD.

Gable is flat-out the most qualified instructor in amateur wrestling. He is a 15-time national champion coach, two-time national collegiete champion, three-time Iowa state high school champion, and unscored-upon Olympic gold medalist. In this DVD, Gable uses live action footage to present his expert instruction, tips, and insights. Wrestling’s master technician provides highly skilled demonstrations by world-class wrestlers to show you the techniques used most successfully in matches. [more]

Wrestling as much as any sport requires a special type and level of courage. The arduous training, periodic weight cutting, and public arena for performing are challenges that intimidate all but a special breed of athlete. And that is not to mention the sport’s very essence: facing off against an opponent who wants to do nothing less than dominate you physically, destroy you emotionally, and humiliate you mentally.

Wrestling Tough is a unique look at the “stuff” that has characterized the greatest competitors to ever take the mat. Award-winning author Mike Chapman first presents the attributes that serve as a common link among wrestling champions through the decades. From there he details how and when these attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors manifest themselves in the training room and in competition. [more]

Coaching Youth Wrestling is part of the improved generation of the American Sport Education Program’s (ASEP) Coaching Youth Sports series. This widely respected and highly popular series is the best collection of youth sport-specific guides, which are grounded in positive coaching principles.

ASEP, the nation’s No. 1 coaching education program, developed Coaching Youth Wrestling to provide coaches with both an explanation of their role and concrete instructions on fulfilling that role. Coaching Youth Wrestling contains specific programs for both boys and girls wrestling, including specifics on equipment, tactics, conditioning, nutrition and “making weight”. You will also find chapters on communicating with your athletes and their parents, teaching and developing wrestling skills, planning and conducting practices, and coaching during matches. [more]


Successful Wrestling takes you step-by-step through 30 wrestling techniques, from simple to complex. This valuable coaching tool is organized by skill progressions rather than by types of skills.

No more sorting through pages of clinic notes trying to decide which techniques to teach when and to whom. Now you can follow the proven program of one of the most successful wrestling coaches in the country. [more]

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new titles to be added on a regular basis... please check back soon!


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