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Discover for yourself the magic of Strength Training Anatomy, one of the best-selling strength training books ever published!

Get an intricate look at strength training from the inside out. Strength Training Anatomy, with nearly half a million copies already sold, brings anatomy to life with more than 400 full-color illustrations. This detailed artwork showcases the muscles used during each exercise and delineates how these muscles interact with surrounding joints and skeletal structures. Like having an X-ray for each exercise, the information gives you a multilateral view of strength training not seen in any other resource. [more]


Strength Band Training shows how to use resistive bands and tubing in 106 exercises addressing every major muscle group. These exercises have been used by strength professionals and many top athletes because the bands and tubing allow you to add resistance in multiple directions—something free weights and machines can’t do. As a result, your resistance routine can simulate sport demands, strengthening core and supporting muscles or targeting specific rehabilitation needs.  [more]

Weight Training Fundamentals features definitions of common terms used in the weight room; exercises for each major muscle group; easy-to-follow instructions and sample programs to get students started right away; and clear explanations and applications of weight training principles such as FITT (frequency, intensity, time, and type), gradual progressive overload, individuality and specificity, and adaptation. In short, Weight Training Fundamentals provides everything you need to engage your students in a strength-training program safely, effectively, and in less time!  [more]

When it comes to physical activity and proper nutrition, young children need more encouragement and structure than ever before—especially in a culture inundated by video games, television, and fast food. Active Start for Healthy Kids: Activities, Exercises, and Nutritional Tips contains a wealth of fun, easy-to-implement activities that are specifically designed to teach 2- to 6-year-old children important health concepts. With this book as your guide, you can reach children in their formative years and help them develop positive behaviors that will last a lifetime.  [more]

In Supplements for Strength-Power Athletes, you can cut through all the hype and find the information you need on 30 top supplements. Find out which supplements to use—and which to avoid—to maximize your performance. You’ll learn what the supplements are, how they work, how to use them, and the precautions necessary for safe and healthy use.  [more]

In Supplements for Endurance Athletes, you can cut through all the hype and find the information you need on 20 top supplements. Find out which supplements to use—and which to avoid—to maximize your advantage. You’ll learn what the supplements are, how they work, how to use them, and the precautions necessary for safe and healthy use. [more]

Athletes and coaches are continually seeking ways to maximize efforts in both training and performance. Advanced Sports Nutrition provides the best research- and results-based information and advice that athletes need to gain an edge physically.

Far beyond the typical food pyramid formula, this comprehensive guide presents cutting-edge nutritional concepts tailored for application by athletes in any sport. World-renowned sports nutritionist Dr. Dan Benardot breaks down the chemistry of improved performance into winning principles that ensure an athlete’s key energy systems are properly stocked at all times.  [more]

Keep all students in your physical education program moving, learning, and on their toes—even when you’re teaching very large classes.

This ready-to-use guide is packed with 6 units, 70 games, 15 hints, and 39 special game variations for teaching even the largest of classes.

If you are looking for fresh ways to teach children ages 4 to 11 basic fitness concepts, movement skills, and games that emphasize creative thinking and cooperation, No Standing Around in My Gym is for you. [more]


If you agree that physical education should be fun, instructive, and a place where students acquire physical and life skills, then you’ll love PE2theMax: Maximize Skills, Participation, Teamwork, and Fun. J.D. Hughes, author of the popular No Standing Around in My Gym, has created 30 never-been-done-before games, tried and tested in the gymnasiums and on the fields and courts of Villa Rica, Georgia, where he teaches elementary school. These games are designed for large groups—anywhere from 30 to 75 students—but can be scaled back easily for smaller class sizes. Each game provides students of all athletic abilities the opportunity to have fun, be active, and acquire movement and sport skills. [more]

When educator Cathie Summerford started teaching sixth-graders in 1993, she wanted to create an interdisciplinary physical education program—one that builds healthy minds as well as bodies and prepares children for a lifetime of wellness and fitness. She broke new ground with a theme-based approach to physical education that children and teachers love.

In PE-4-ME: Teaching Lifelong Health and Fitness, you’ll find Cathie’s blueprint for a unique K-12 program that integrates physical activity with movement concepts, social skills, stress reduction, nutrition, school safety, and drug resistance education. Cathie stresses brain-compatible learning - the ability of physical activity to enhance cognitive function - in all of her lessons to maximize the benefits of her integrated approach. [more]

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