"Exceed Your Potential!"

Body Composition Holiday Gift!


" The Scale Doesn't Tell The Whole Story!"

% Body Fat
% Lean Mass

Fat Pounds
Lean Pounds

  • Develop a firm understanding of your body weight and composition.

  • Set weight loss goals that make sense based upon body fat.

  • Get a good understanding of your starting point to track your progress.

Session Includes:

  • Percentage Body Fat vs. Percentage Lean Mass

  • Fat Weight vs. Lean Weight

  • Estimated fat loss goal in pounds and percentage based upon recommended health standards.

  • A printed summary report will be provided for your progress records.

Measurements include body weight, 3 site skinfold caliper measurements,
and 9 site body circumference measurements. 

Girth Measurements


(for a limited time)

Skinfold Measurements

The Body Composition Special is available only at the TODAY! Fitness home studio

Call 302-547-7454 to schedule an appointment
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