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Personal Training



There is no "quick fix" for losing weight, toning up, or getting in shape so stop looking!  Here's the not-so-secret formula:  You have to want to do it - You have to set achievable fitness and nutrition goals... You have to decide how important your goals are... You have to analyze your priorities... You have to determine what you are willing to do to achieve success... You have to find a way to make it happen!

I'm not saying that it is going to be easy... but are you willing to do what it takes to improve your health, body composition and overall quality of life?  If you're not sure how to start, I can help...

Personalized Fitness Training

Orientation Session

  • Goal Assessment

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Fitness Assessment

  • Program Design

  • Exercise Instruction

  • Progress Reporting

1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

  • Abdominal Conditioning

  • Resistance Band Training

  • Circuit Training

  • Dumbbell Training

  • Medicine Ball Training

  • Core/Stability Training

  • Cardiovascular Coaching

  • Athletic Performance Training

  • Bodyweight Workouts

Fitness Calculators

Weight Training Exercise Dictionary

Weight Training Guidelines

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Pete's Bio and Testimonial

Pete Mazzeo, CPT

Prices and Packages
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Pete Mazzeo
 The American Council on Exercise
Certified Personal Trainer
Bear, Delaware


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